‘Tina Rosenberg on Kidneys in Iran, by David Henderson’

«Then there’s the issue of, well, you know, this is really dangerous work and you are exploiting the poor by taking advantage of their poverty to lure them into doing this for money. And some people go so far as to say we shouldn’t allow poor people to donate kidneys. We should only allow middle class people to donate kidneys. And the response I think to that is people do dangerous things for money all the time. There’s a lot of jobs that are pretty dangerous, and people wouldn’t take them unless they felt the money was worth it. Donating a kidney is far less dangerous than many other jobs. So, what’s wrong with that?»

En Econlog revisitan el podcast sobre el mercado de riñones de Iran. Muy recomendable.

Artículo original: Tina Rosenberg on Kidneys in Iran, by David Henderson