Enlaces de la semana

Una pequeña colección de mis lecturas durante la semana.

  • La sindicación de contenidos como 'killer app' de las plataformas de aprendizaje
    "The idea here is that we want people to be producing course content from the Web interfaces that they are most comfortable with. For some Web-savvy folks, that is their blog or their Twitter account. But for pretty much everyone in the Internet-connected world, email is the simplest possible interface for communication, collaboration, and co-creation."
  • Data Monday: Touch Laptop Forecasts
    "World-wide shipments of laptops and desktops fell 14% in the first quarter from a year earlier. That is the sharpest drop since 1994 and the fourth straight quarter of declines." Esto y otros datos interesantes –por ejemplo sobre Lenovo–, recopilados por Wroblewski.
  • How to Survive in a World with No SEO Data
    Buenas preguntas a hacer internamente en la empresa para cubrir los huecos que deja el "not provided".
  • What’s next for educational software?
    George Siemens y sus colegas han creado un nuevo software de aprendizaje que se puede probar este otoño, en su curso de analítica del aprendizaje. "Together, with another colleague, Shane Dawson and programmers Nikola Miliki? and Zoran Jeremi?, we’ve been working on what we feel is a learning system (educational software) that represents the type of learning needed by individuals and organizations today."
  • Amazing Correlation Between Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings
    "The point is not to go out and accumulate a bunch of +1s.The point is, and the evidence seems to suggest, that earning a link on Google+ is like earning any other type of editorial link, and these links have actual value with real benefits."
  • “Un Estado y medio: Israel y el conflicto perfecto” de Jordi Pérez Colomé
    Dos voces con autoridad sobre Oriente Medio. El analista de defensa Jesús Pérez Triana, que estuvo en Israel hace 3 años, recomienda el libro de Jordi Pérez Colomé, que estuvo hace poquito.